What’s New

What has KidCare been doing since the Pandemic?

  • Fulfilled Amazon and Target wishlists filled with art supplies, educational materials, and activity packets. The goal here was to keep the kids both entertained and educated during quarantine.
  • Provided the funds needed to purchase a smart board, iPads, and laptops to help facilitate in-shelter learning for the children.
  • Funded a provision of incentives and attendance awards, including gift cards, DIY craft kits and cookbooks for children who participated in HFH Virtual Summer Day Camp.  This helped to keep the children motivated and engaged during the pandemic.
  • Provided the children with opportunities to have virtual experiences and guided tours in places such as the Liberty Science Center & Catskill Animal Sanctuary.  We’ve also been able to support them in movie afternoons complete with goodies & snacks.


Normal programming

http://hartwellclothing.com/product/layla-pink-eucalyptus-luxury-cotton-shirt-with-lycra/ KidCare’s normal programming of sports, field trips, and numerous other in person events had to be suspended due to the pandemic. We are hoping things get back to normal this year and will be excited to once again sponsor a full slate of programming for the kids. Additionally, we are looking to expand on programming geared towards education and employability for the children. This will potentially include SAT tutoring, expanded job events, vocational programming, and various other workshops – more to come on this in the new year.