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Donations will go towards sponsoring our partner organizations which provide food, shelter, and education for underprivileged and homeless children. In addition due to the current circumstances donations will go towards helping the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. We will provide you with feedback and updates as to where and how your money is being used.

We focused our efforts on the Rockaway communities that were absolutely devastated by the
storm. We put these efforts into four buckets: Schools, Relief Centers, Special Needs Families, and
finally Revamp & Rebuilding the community. Below our efforts are outlined, we are particularly
excited about our partnership with Friends of Rockaway.

Assistance to Schools

~Scholars Academy: The kids have now been back at the school since January 11th and, while
there is still work to do, the school has come a very long way since the storm. As you can see from
the pictures below, the transformation is amazing. We focused on the music and physical education
programs that were shattered by the storm. We replaced, among other things, musical instruments,
books, stands, weight and athletic equipment. Our contributions enabled Scholars to apply
additional resources to other pressing needs.

Scholars Photos Right after Sandy - Click HERE

Scholars Recent Photos - Click HERE

~St. Francis De Sales School: In the days following the storm, St. Francis De Sales became one
of the biggest relief and distribution centers in all of the Rockaways. They selflessly opened their
doors helping to feed, clothe, and counsel thousands of people each week. This despite the school
and Parrish suffering 100’s of thousands of dollars in storm damage. The article below more fully
describes the issues the school faces. Our donation went directly to the school and is earmarked
for educational purposes.

~PS114: This school is located in Belle Harbor, another Rockaway neighborhood devastated by the
storm. Our donation will be used to replace items lost by the music department. Below is an article
discussing the reopening of the school.

Relief Center Assistance

~Church of Nazarene: Our relief efforts helped feed thousands. We donated baby items, warm
clothing, blankets, and essentials. In addition, we provided funds for staffing to help assist with the
relief efforts.

~First Congregational Church: Members of the congregation provided local residents with food,
baby essentials, and warm clothing. We contributed food, toiletries, and baby items for distribution.

Special needs family assistance

We have identified specific cases of families devastated by the storm. This includes those that have
lost nearly everything and are facing issues getting FEMA, insurance assistance. We have tried to
help through grants to alleviate some of these pressures while the families get back on their feet.

Partnership with Friends of Rockaway

FRIENDS OF ROCKAWAY (FOR), in partnership with KidCare NYC, INC., has expanded its free
gutting and mold assessments for residents affected by Hurricane Sandy to zip code 11691, 11692
and 11693. The professional construction teams which conduct the services are made up of
unemployed Rockaway residents and/or military veterans who have received OSHA certification and
specific job training for the tasks to be performed. Navillus Construction provides the technical
supervision while FOR will handle the day to day management and assignment of the crews. By
properly gutting the affected homes mold remediation costs are substantially lowered and the time
taken to restore the residences to safe and habitable space is shortened considerably. FOR
operates across the Rockaway Peninsula assisting in the one of the hardest hit, economically
disadvantaged neighborhoods of New York City.

As a result of this grant, FOR is expanding from five to six teams operating throughout the peninsula
each with 4 team members. Team members are paid $15 an hour and are given full time jobs for at
least one month; the team leader makes an additional $100 a week. Each team’s goal is to gut at
least one home per day. To date this program has gutted over 200 homes. Each laborer receives
OSHA certification and construction training that prepares them to conduct professional residential
construction and enables them to seek employment in other professional construction settings once
the grant program is completed.
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