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13th Annual (Virtual) Toy Drive & Fundraiser

to benefit the children of Homes for the Homeless!


Although we will be unable to hold our event in person again, we are still looking for your help.  We have high aspirations for the year ahead and given the circumstances, your support is needed now more than ever. 100% of the donations goes towards the children!


Once again this year due to the (hopefully close to over) pandemic we will be unable to host our toy drive and fundraiser in person, however that isn’t going to stop us from helping the kids!!!! Last year was amazing and thanks to all your support we were able to collect a ton of toys and moreover support roughly $100k in programs for Homes for the Homeless and we want to do it again in 2022. 100% of the donations goes towards the children!



• If you wish to make a monetary donation, click here


• If you wish to donate toys:

- click here for the Queens shelter

- click here for the Bronx shelter


(These wishlists were created directly by the homeless children and staff of Homes for the Homeless)

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